Down Payment

10% Down Jumbo Loan In California

There is an excellent special 10% down jumbo loan we available all over the state of California. Below are the loan limits for this jumbo loan mortgage in California:

Bay Area (San Jose, San Francisco, East Bay) : $875,000 max loan amount ($972,000 purchase price)
Los Angeles, Orange County: $875,000 max loan amount ($972,000 purchase price)
San Diego: $796,250 max loan amount ($884,722 purchase price)
Santa Barbara: $875,000 max loan amount ($972,000 purchase price)
Here are some of the specifics of this jumbo loan product:

10% down payment
760 credit score required
45% debt-to-income ratio
Available in 5,7, and 10 year fixed (amortized over 30 years) adjustable loan products. Excellent jumbo loan rates.
if you would like to discuss this jumbo loan in California. This California jumbo loan an excellent way to get into an upscale house without the burden of putting down the full 20-25% that will be required for standard jumbo loans in California.