Hormonal Acne Treatment

AcneWhile acne can be caused by a variety of different factors including genetics, diet, and environment, one of the major causes of acne is hormone imbalance.

For example, adolescents tend to suffer from acne much more than young adults whose hormones have settled after puberty.

Many times, when someone is experiencing hormone related skin diseases like acne, those problems will often subside after the event concludes that is making them hormonal.

Pregnancy and Acne

Hormonal Acne TreatmentIf you had acne during puberty or at other times in your life, often pregnancy will make the skin disease come back or get worse than it was before.

As you probably know, pregnancy increases and fluctuates your hormone levels which cause the oil glands in your skin to overproduce, which ends up clogging your pores and creating pimples.

Since pregnancy is temporary (albeit it does last a long time), your acne will most likely go away after you give birth.

Fortunately, there are some topical skin creams that you can use which will help reduce or eliminate your acne symptoms and still be safe your baby.

Spironolactone Acne Treatment for Women

If you’ve been having recurring acne and you’re a woman, a cause of acne could be an overproduction of androgens in your body.

Androgens are hormones typically found in abundance in men (testosterone for example). Just like men, however, women have androgens as well, just in a smaller quantity.

When your body, for whatever reason, is creating too much androgen, you can get a lot side effects including unwanted facial hair, or in the case of this article, acne.

Luckily, there is a drug available that your doctor can prescribe to you to cure androgen hormone related acne. There are also a couple of acne treatments, that can help you, for example, Clear Skin Max and ClearPores.

A Little More About Spironolactone

Get Rid of Back AcneSpironolactone is from a class of drugs called antiandrogens.

The way it works is that when it’s taken orally or topically, spironolactone blocks the receptors for androgen hormones which reduce the amount in your body. When the androgens lower to normal levels, you’ll see a reduction in the amount of acne you’re getting.

Spironolactone will not, however, work if you’re not getting acne due to the abnormal levels of androgens. So, if you are considering spironolactone, you should try other acne medications first, which may end up curing your skin problems much quicker and safer.

You can only get spironolactone from your doctor so get an appointment if you think think your acne is androgen related.

What you should do now

Even the most stubborn acne, hormone related or not, can be treated when you have willpower and perseverance. Look at the acne treatments found across this site that have helped many other people cure their acne.

We would highly recommend you to use natural acne scar treatments, but only those which are clinically proven and effective.